Wednesday, November 17, 2010

first things first.

hello. my name is courtney.

*pardon the self-portrait!*

courtney has been sewing/quilting since she was little and her mom *forced* her to do a sewing project over summer vacation. at first she wasn't very thrilled with taking time out of swimming in the pool to learn to sew indoors, but looking back she is forever grateful mom made her learn! 

she loves to create things, but moreover, loves to give gifts. her love of gifting propelled her further into creating things because it's much more economical to make something than to retail shop, plus handmade gifts are so much more touching than something with a tag that states "made in (insert foreign country here)"!  don't you agree?!

in her non-crafting time, courtney works for the government and wades through bureaucracy
daily (and that's all she can say about that!). she loves to run, and frequents any location that has signs for "coffee"! 

hello. my name is erin.

erin has been knitting since she was eight, but on a more regular basis for the last ten years. she is on a mission to make the public realize that knitting isn't just for grandmas, or even just for girls. during the day she wrangles high school students and attempts to teach them english. 

her favorite book is "Perks of Being a Wallflower" by Stephen Chopsky. 

she has a dog and a cat that run her life more than she thought was possible by animals. 

she likes to consider herself a runner so she makes herself run, as not to lose the title. 

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