Wednesday, December 14, 2011

wounded warrior project

Those of you who know me (Courtney) in real life know that I am a proud Army Veteran. I have been in combat for a total of 3 years in Iraq. I have seen my share of atrocities including friends of mine being wounded and killed. Today I read about Nick and I wanted to share his story with you. Click on his name to read his story- I'd grab a box of tissues first!

When your country is at war, it's a fact of life- not one you like, but nevertheless, a fact. It is so heartbreaking for soldiers to be killed in action, and I feel for each and every person their life touched whom they leave behind- my heart truly breaks for all of them. It's no easy task to be the one left behind. It's no easier, and at times I'd imagine much harder to face a life with a wounded soldier. There are the countless hours spent in the hospital, in rehabilitation.... and the terrifying question of how their injury, visible to the eye or not, will effect them emotionally. It's not just a scrape and it heals, it's a lifetime of working through the questions of "why me, why did my friends/comrades die and I didn't, how do I go on?" Not to mention the physical pain and injuries to work through; re-learning how to walk, or talk, or face the world's stares each day. This is not easy for the soldier, and it's not easy for the family.

My generation is living breathing proof that military families are strong- they support their soldiers, be it their husband, wife, child, or perfect strangers- each and every day. They face years apart, not knowing if their loved one will return, and we are persevering. When a soldier is wounded in combat, there is an amazing organization called the Wounded Warrior Project that is there to help out. They have raised countless dollars to help these soldiers and their families during the rehabilitation process. Their mission statement is simple, but wildly powerful:

To honor and empower Wounded Warriors.

Please take a moment to check out their website and learn more about their programs. If you have an extra dollar this holiday season, a Wounded Warrior would appreciate it more than you know! You can donate here: give love. give life. There is also a shop with great items that support the organization which you can find here: WWP Shop.

I'm planning a fundraising event that will happen in 2012 to benefit the WWP, so stay tuned for more information hopefully in January!

xoxo, courtney

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