Tuesday, December 6, 2011

craft crisis plus pinterest

i think it's high time i get this blog going in the right direction. i've been super busy with work and life and well, more life that i have sorely neglected this blog. it's almost the holidays and i think it's time to get back to blogging, but i'm having a bit of a crisis! yikes. i had routine blood drawn at the doctor yesterday and the nurse hit a nerve in my elbow- now it's nice a swollen, feels like i hit my funny bone (constant throbbing pain) and i can't use my hand/arm! this is not a good time to have this happen with orders to be filled and a gazillion christmas gifts in the works. what's a crafty gal to do?! blog one handed, i suppose ;) and watch hours of shows that i'm now totally sucked into. ha! and pinterest of course.

do you know pinterest? if not, use this link: PINTEREST i promise your life will change. it's ahhhhmazing! think about it as a virtual pin board for anything and everything lovely. let me show you some of my latest favorites! here goes...


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